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See the main sites surrounding the city on a day tour from Pattaya.
flight of the Gibbon Pattaya

Pattaya Tour: PJ1006 Flight of the Gibbon

Duration: Full Day      Type: Join in
Spend a few exhilarating hours in the forest with Flight Of The Gibbon zip-lining between the tree tops.
Starts in: Pattaya
Finishes in: Pattaya

Price from:
3,500 Baht

Pattaya Elephant Village Tour

Pattaya Tour: PJ1003 Elephant trekking at Pattaya Elephant Village

Duration: Half Day      Type: Join in
Get up close to elephants at Pattaya Elephant village, with the special elephant trekking programme. Ride, trek and Ox cart through in the peaceful countryside a short drive from Pattaya.
Starts in: Pattaya
Finishes in: Pattaya

Price :
2,600 Baht


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