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Bangkok Pattaya Package Tours


Combine your stay in Bangkok with the vibrant seaside city of Pattaya with a multi-day Bangkok and Pattaya Package Tour. If you can not see what you are looking for please let us know as we can custom a tour to suit and build in free days as required.
Bangkok Pattaya 3 Day Tour

Bangkok Pattaya Package: BKP1010 3 Day Bangkok & Pattaya 'Best of Both' Package Tour

Duration: 3 Day   Type: Private
Bangkok's Grand Palace, temples, canals and floating market as well as Pattaya's highlights for those short on time!
Starts in: Bangkok
Finishes in: Pattaya

Price from:
4,950 -20,100 Baht

Bangkok Pattaya 4 Day Tour

Bangkok Pattaya Package: BKP1011 4 Day Bangkok and Pattaya Explorer Tour

Duration: 4 Day      Type: Private
Bangkok Highlights, floating Market at Damnoen Saduak Combined with two days in Pattaya!
Starts in: Bangkok
Finishes in: Pattaya

Price from:
6,200 - 26,600 Baht

Bangkok Pattaya Tour 5 days

Bangkok Pattaya Package: BKP1012 5 Day The Bangkok - Pattaya Experience

Duration: 5 Day      Type: Private
Pattaya and Bangkok's main attractions in a 5 day package, some of the highlights include Grand Palace, Koh Larn, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens
Starts in: Bangkok
Finishes in: Pattaya

Price from:
7,750 - 33,750 Baht

6 Day Bangkok Pattaya Tour

Bangkok Pattaya Package: BKP1013 6 Day Bangkok & Pattaya Unplugged Tour

Duration: 6 Day      Type: Private
A comprehensive 6 day package of tours combining 3 days in Bangkok with 3 days in Pattaya. Plenty of time to take in the highlights of both cities and have a day on the beach at Koh Larn
Starts in: Bangkok
Finishes in: Pattaya

Price from:
9,150 - 39,300 Baht


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